Namecheap Shared hosting plans and Pricing 2022

Namecheap Shared hosting

Are you willing to host your website on a shared hosting server? So, looking for a high-performing yet cost-effective shared hosting solution? Namecheap shared hosting is the one and only option for you. YES! Namecheap is one of the reputed and trustable hosting provider companies that offer budget-friendly shared hosting solutions to host any website.

Namecheap takes pride in the fact that it doesn’t employ the upsell strategy to generate revenue, in contrast to certain businesses that do so. Instead, they strive to offer reasonable price options that meet your needs; therefore, Namecheap. In this article, I’ll explore all the facts about Namecheap shared hosting plans. Continue browsing this article and get the best package for your website.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

Shared hosting is among the most budget-friendly hosting solution for individuals to small business owners. This type of hosting lets you host any website on a shared hosting server at an affordable cost. Although shared hosting’s speed and overall performance are a bit lower than other hosting types, this hosting offers good enough performance that is suitable for individuals to small businesses.

Shared hosting with Namecheap!

In terms of Shared hosting, Namecheap is a name of reputability and reliability. Namecheap offers the most cost-effective shared hosting solution among other companies. They offer budget-friendly shared hosting, but they never compromise on performance. You will get each and every functionality that you desire from a shared hosting package.

Namecheap offers three different plans for shared hosting with different pricing. These three plans are the Staller plan, Staller Plus Plan, and Staller Business Plan. This company also offers three billing options; Monthly, Yearly, and 2 Years. So, let’s look at Namecheap Shared Hosting Pricing and Plan.

Staller Plan

Staller plan is the most affordable shared hosting plan offered by Namecheap. This package is best for individuals who are going to launch their first website for learning purposes or are willing to create a professional Demo/Portfolio website. This shared hosting plan comes with extensive host storage; 20 Gb that is amazing.

Shared hosting with Namecheap!

With 20 GB storage, Staller hosting plan lets you add three domains to this hosting. That means you can host three websites to this hosting. You will also get a free domain with this hosting plan; however, they don’t offer a . COM domain as a free domain. Staller plan also offers domain-based 30 emails with a mailbox. With this shared hosting plan, you will get a free domain, but they don’t offer .COM, .CO, and .BIZ TLDs for free.

Staller Plus Plan

Staller Plus is the second shared hosting plan offered by Namecheap. It is another cost-effective shared hosting plan for professionals. In fact, this plan has been offered to eliminate the limitations of the Staller plan. This shared hosting plan by Namecheap is perfect and suitable for those who are willing to develop a blog or other websites like an affiliate website.

Domain & Hosting bundle deals!

The Staller Plus plan offers unlimited storage, and you can host unlimited websites with this hosting. Yes! It is fun and amazing. You can also create unlimited domain-based emails with this hosting plan and will get Mailboxes. And the most notable thing is that the Staller Plus plan offers an Automatic Backup function. You will receive a free domain name with this shared hosting package, but it doesn’t have the .COM, .CO, or .BIZ TLDs. However, this shared hosting plan offers 60% off for .COM, 86% off for .CO, and 84% off for .BIZ domains.

Staller Business Plan

Staller Business Plan is the advanced quality shared hosting package offered by Namecheap. This package is best for small businesses as well as an eCommerce website. Staller Business plan provides 50 GB of high-speed SSD storage to host your website. However, you can host multiple websites; in fact, unlimited websites in this hosting.

Shared hosting at just $3.88/mo!

This Namecheap shared hosting plan lets you create unlimited domain-based email or business email. Staller Business plan also offers Auto backup and Cloud storage as well. You will also get a free domain, but this plan is also not offer .COM domain for free. However, this package offers a 60% discount on .COM, 86% discount on .CO, and 84% discount on .BIZ domain registration.

Benefits of Namecheap shared hosting.

Namecheap offers the most budget-friendly shared hosting for your website. This company offers several advanced features and functionalities with its shared hosting. Let’s take a look at the Benefits of Namecheap shared hosting:

Unmetered bandwidth

A hosting package with unlimited traffic is known as unmetered bandwidth. The quantity of traffic (data) transmitted to and from the server over the course of a month has no bearing on the monthly fee you pay. Unmetered refers to an unlimited connection that has a metered connection but a larger data cap. Whatever package you choose, be careful to thoroughly inquire about bandwidth.

Free Domain Available

One of the amazing things about Namecheap shared hosting is that all the shared hosting packages come with a free domain name. YES! You will get a free domain with Namecheap shared hosting plans. So, you don’t have to purchase a domain additionally. Just pay for hosting, get a free domain and start your new project.

Domain & Hosting bundle deals!
However, one thing should mention that you will not get .COM domain is free. Namecheap doesn’t offer free .COM domain with their shared hosting packages. But with Staller Plus and Staller Business packages, this company provides a 60% discount on .COM domain name registration. You will also get an 84% discount on .BIZ and 86% discount on .CO domain name registration.

Free SSL Certificate

A piece of code on the web server called an SSL certificate offers security for online conversations. The SSL certificate makes it possible for a web browser to establish a secure channel with any secured website. It resembles the process of putting a letter inside an envelope and mailing it. Namecheap offers a free SSL certificate with its shared hosting plan. A PositiveSSL certificate is added to your account if you purchase a Shared Hosting package, add a supplemental domain, or create a subdomain. For the newly inserted hostname, SSL is generated and deployed automatically. Additionally, HTTPS Redirection is automatically configured after installation.

Quick Load Time

Nobody likes to wait for a page to load while listening to the Jeopardy theme tune. A website’s visitors are almost certain to abandon their search and visit another one if it takes longer than 3–4 seconds to load. So, site speed is much more important for each and every website. A website must load in very little than three seconds today, according to Google. But you ought to settle for less. The Google number is available, thanks to Namecheap. Their 458 MS average site speed aced the test with aplomb. And it appears that this company’s speeds are becoming quicker every day.

Free Site Builder

Another considerable benefit of Namecheap shared hosting plans is that it offers a free site builder. You can develop a website easily and quickly with this site builder. Place text, photos, and videos anywhere you want on your website with ease. Maintain a professional appearance for your website on all platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. This website builder offers more than 200 premium quality templates that will make it easier to design your website. Choose from more than 200 fully-equipped themes in a range of categories, whether you own a small company, a personal website, or an online portfolio. With a wide variety of payment instruments and methods, like PayPal, Skrill, as well as Easypay, you may expand your business.

Are Namecheap Shared hosting plans Worth It?

Although Namecheap is a reliable host, it doesn’t exactly jump out as extraordinary. However, if you can get beyond the dearth of complex features and hazy security procedures, you’ll find that its shared hosting is quite cheap, it has a nice cPanel control interface, and its support is first-rate.
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Namecheap also lets you host multiple websites to their shared hosting plans and also offers excellent uptime. Their shared hosting plans are suitable for individuals to small business owners. With several advanced features, Namecheap shared hosting plans are available at a reasonable price. However, this company will never disappoint you in terms of hosting performance.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for an affordable shared hosting solution, Namecheap shared hosting plans are the best way to go through. Although Namecheap offers budget-friendly shared hosting plans, this company never compromises the overall performance. Namecheap shared hosting is the best way to go through for individuals to small business websites. Here I discussed all facts about Namecheap shared hosting plan that will help you to get the best package for you.

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