Trafft Booking solution [$59] Appsumo lifetime deal 2022

Trafft Booking solution [$59] Appsumo lifetime deal 2022

Trafft is one of the versatile and prominent appointment book software. This software can help you to grow your business or company. Both small and also large enterprises may use the platform. This appointment book application comes with several advanced features and functionalities that make it one of the best booking solutions.

Trafft is not only an appointment booking solution but more than an appointment book tool. It enables you to manage online and in-person reservations, reminders, payments, and timesheets for employees. In fact, you can manage all your booking progress in a single place using this software.

Have trouble organizing your time or skipping the customer interview? If it is true for you, then Trafft is here to help you. I’ll explore every fact about this powerful booking software in this article. So, if you are looking for a versatile appointment management tool, you should go for the Trafft AppSumo lifetime deal.

What is Trafft?

Trafft is one of the best Appointment Scheduling as well as booking Software. It is a powerful and versatile tool that will provide you with virtual appointments, events, and meeting booking solutions. It’s a decent, straightforward booking solution with a few genius ideas already there.

It is intended for companies that interact with customers, such as hair salons, sports stadiums, clinics, and gyms. It handles reservations, provides reminders and alerts, helps businesses upsell with promo coupons, and offers a user-friendly and contemporary interface for employees and consumers.

The reservation forms may be quickly integrated into the webpage, or you can create a reservation page right away, even if you don’t have a website. To handle appointments, use online appointment booking as well as payment processing. With just a single booking tool, Trafft’s configurable capabilities and a wide range of preset settings help you meet all of your business demands.

Trafft Key Features and Functions

This online appointment management software comes with a set of advanced and excellent features and functions. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this software.

Easy to Use

Trafft is one of the best Appointment Scheduling as well as booking Software. It is a powerful and versatile tool that will provide you with virtual appointments, events, and meeting booking solutions. It’s a decent, straightforward booking solution with a few genius ideas already there. So, you don’t have to get stressed to use this software.

Trafft Review: Dashboard

All you have to do is create an account, log in to your account, and then start your job. You can access all the features and functions of this tool from the dashboard. Overall, this tool is perfect for both professionals as well as beginners to use.

Add Multiple Services

There is a list of each and every service that your company provides under Services. Based on the sector you chose during the sign-up procedure, Trafft will produce a few samples. However, you are free to change, add, or remove services as you consider appropriate.


You may adjust your relevant details to change the service’s description, category, cost, relevant taxes, duration, and other specifics. Upsells are another option for the Extras category. The presence of a portfolio where you may upload images is another cool feature.

Analyze Business Performance

Traffic’s thorough reporting and potent statistics make it considerably simpler for you to accomplish your objectives in terms of boosting your business’s sales and productivity. Additionally, scheduling meetings with photographers is simple here.

Try Trafft’s booking page if you don’t yet have a website or don’t want to make one just yet. Customers may quickly and easily schedule and even subscribe to your services on this website by finding all the information they want. Such page designs are responsive, so they will appear fantastic on both a computer and a smartphone.

Appointment Calendar

Find all of the appointments on a single calendar compatible with Outlook and Google Calendars. After clicking on any appointment, you can check its information on the left side. Including the payments, you may also see information on the appointment’s progress, service, appointment period and time, allocated employee and client names, and also email.

The appointment might be changed or eliminated. You may add, delete, or modify clients from the appointment, alter the appointment’s status, and add other services in the Modify Appointment section. You can also change the service; Professional assigned, Data, as well as Time.

Employee Management

You may either find the current employee here or create a new one. You may use a service to filter the employees. The only filter accessible to staff is this one. When the employee field is clicked, a panel containing information about the next seven days’ bookings.

It also gives a preview of revenue, the load %, the number of hours spent, appointments broken down by day in a bar graph, as well as today’s appointments appear on the right. If you have a substantial number of employees, you may switch the filters only to show the information you require rather than all of it.


Your payment details can be updated in the Finance section. Taxes, bills, and even coupons fall under this category. You might certainly provide a coupon to utilize in advertising your company. You may specify the expiration date and input a promo code. The utilization cap is within your control, and you may decide how many customers can use them. Additionally, you may choose which services your clients may use the promo code on.


Both the discount category and the % are under your control. Trafft will remind you whether you want it to constantly distribute the coupons to consumers or deliver them to clients manually. You may prevent clients from sharing a promo code with their friends and family by disabling coupon sharing.

Trafft Pricing and Plans

Now we should talk about the pricing and plans of this software. This appointment booking software comes with straightforward pricing while featuring multiple plans. With three different plans, this software also offers a free plan that is totally free to use. Let’s take a look at the pricing and plans of this software.

Free Plan

  • User: 01
  • Services: 05
  • Feature or Integration: 01
  • Customers: Unlimited
  • Emails: 50 per day
  • Pricing: Free

Basic Plan

  • User: 20
  • Services: Unlimited
  • Feature or Integration: 05
  • Customers: Unlimited
  • Emails: Unlimited
  • Pricing: $12/Month; $120/Year

Pro Plan

  • User: 40
  • Services: Unlimited
  • Feature or Integration: 10
  • Customers: Unlimited
  • Emails: Unlimited
  • Pricing: $24/Month; $228/Year

Expert Plan

  • User: 80
  • Services: Unlimited
  • Feature or Integration: 20
  • Customers: Unlimited
  • Emails: Unlimited
  • Pricing: $48/Month; $460/Year

Trafft AppSumo Lifetime Deal

So, are you looking for an opportunity to get Trafft’s lifetime deal? Fortunately, AppSumo offers a lifetime deal opportunity for Trafft’s booking solution. YES! AppSumo Trafft lifetime deal is available to subscribers at a reasonable cost. AppSumo provides 2 plans with different pricing for this tool.


Check Price

License Tier-01:

  • Employees: 50
  • Features and Integration: 10
  • Price: $59

License Tier-02:

  • Employees: Unlimited
  • Features and Integration: Unlimited
  • Price: $119

So, it can simply say that the Trafft AppSumo Lifetime deal is much more cost-friendly. While purchasing this tool from the official site will cost you a lot, you can save money by subscribing AppSumo Trafft lifetime deal plans.

Trafft Alternatives

There is different software available that you can use to manage your online as well as offline appointment and events. Among them, Trafft is a prominent and powerful tool. Let’s take a look at the best alternative to this software.

CatchApp Bookings

CatchApp Bookings is another prominent schedule management tool that can help you to manage your appointments. You can manage appointments using CatchApp while saving a lot of time. Like Trafft, this software also comes with a bench of advanced and exclusive features and functions. Read this CATCHAPP BOOKINGS REVIEW to know more about this tool.

Wrap Up

Are you seeking powerful appointment book software to help you manage your appointments and events? Trafft is a flexible booking solution that can help you to manage all your schedules. However, the Trafft AppSumo lifetime deal is one of the best ways to go if you want to use this software on a long-term basis.

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